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Zephyrhills WATER, the spring water brand, is exclusive to its particular region in the U.S. (Florida). They’re from that region and only for that region. They keep the water close to the source — so it’s fresh, sustainable, and grounded in the community.

The brand originates solely from meticulously chosen springs in Florida. Embraced by locals, Zephyrhills only needed to focus on delivering content within the local community.

I was signed on as Art Director and Photographer, to take this campaign and weave it into every digital touchpoint of the social media campaign. This included managing talent casting, scouted locations (conducting impromptu photoshoots to capture authentic moments of people enjoying Florida’s favorite water), handled scheduling, and oversaw post-production and retouching.

It was a reinforcing idea—that as a local brand, it’s part of the local fabric.