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Rewards you really, really want.

Verizon wanted to give their customer-audience a little something.

It’s why we, (VERizon’s in-house agency – 140) turned customer devices into the ultimate VIP passes which included incredible surprises and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Supporting the cast as lead designer, I weaved the brand campaign into diverse digital experiences.

The product launch drove over 12 million subscribers in its first year. This opened up new opportunities for me to evolve the app’s user experience and create content streams in more unique ways than imagined (Super Bowl Ads, Macy’s Day Parade in-person activations, and A-list Artist concerts).

Partnering with external and internal brand owners, I helped influence and drive the collaborative design implementation of Verizon’s one-of-a-kind loyalty rewards program and app — VerizonUp.