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logo-big_AndrewAyad.com_Business start-ups, even existing ones, take on so many tasks, that the creation of a logo is commonly overlooked. But defining your business with branding has to start somewhere, or it could be lost in the bottom of the attraction-food-pyramid.

1. LOGOS—the cornerstone of every company’s branding. When your company first launched, it may not have been a priority for whatever reason. You may feel that when a prospective customer approaches you for services or a product, your brand is not their priority. So chances are you put together something for yourself or even had a friend or family member help out with the design. But, once you’ve settled into your industry, reconsider using real designers. Sick patients don’t go to fake doctors. They go to the pros.

2. SO YOU HAVE A LOGO, BUT IS IT CURRENT? Regardless of your industry, we live in a very fast-paced society that is very critical of presentation. Does your logo speak to the world? Take time to survey your brand. Is there confusion about what you do? Go outside of your inner circle. Sometimes those near and dear to you don’t want to offend your existing brand. A great logo design should speak about the nature of your business, product, or service. So if your existing logo is out of step with your message and customers, it’s time to revamp.

3. EVERY BUSINESS CHANGES. And so should its branding. The evolution should marry with the trends of society. Consider always the future of your business and your future customers. A company with a revamped logo recognizes the importance of its legacy in the marketplace.

So—need a logo, or revamp one? Let’s talk about it!